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Our Mission

Our vision is to help individuals, groups & communities navigate their way forward in this rapidly changing world. Integrating wisdom from many cultures, each soul can find what resonates for their expanding awareness. Finding one’s place in this increasingly complex world is sometimes challenging. For those times you want to feel a community of like-minded people who appreciate the traditions of Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Islanders, and beyond, we help you find your soul tribe by helping you find yourself.

During our shaman sessions, you will have a sacred space to align with your higher wisdom. You may need to do purification rituals, attunement journeys, deep dives into your soul purpose, clearing old energetic patterns & behaviors, reclaiming the lost pieces of your spirit, healing your heart, working with your voice, identifying your spirit animals & their wisdom, connecting with better inspiration, recognizing your guides, or other uplifting pursuits for your way forward.

Shaman Winds offers appointments for you to align with your sacred path & learn to navigate forward with more grace & dignity. Our mission is to bring more Heaven on Earth through spiritual development programs & events. Connecting people’s consciousness with their soul helps individuals, their families & their communities discover new perspectives for mutual understanding & stronger bonds. More than ever, we provide the community support for like-minded people who have an affinity with Mother Nature & singing the soul back home.

“Walking your sacred path heals your soul.”

Ayla de la Lumiere

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