Every culture has it's shamans...

Shamanism is a practice for reclaiming the sacred in a hi-tech world. Our mission is to preserve & share the ancestral wisdom of all shamanic cultures. We do this through podcasts, workshops, classes, books, and more.


Welcome to Shaman Winds

Learn about how shaman therapies can nourish you soul.

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Shaman Winds

At SHAMAN WINDS, we provide remote sessions, podcasts, online workshops & classes, all to help you “remember who you are”. You are more powerful than you realize. You can walk a sacred path & fulfill the vision you had for your Life, before you were even born.

Shaman Winds

Your soul is often crying to be liberated, to remind you how powerful you really are. Your soul needs nourishment. This is why holistic lifestyles usually leads to holistic health – body, mind, heart & soul. With regular intervals of soul-deep meditations, you will express at your highest, human potential. If you are a man … Continue reading Shaman Winds

Shaman Moon

The Divine Feminine is a sacred archetype to help guide women to their highest potential. If you are a women in a highly industrialized country, you may find yourself feeling disconnected: to Source, to yourself, to other people. Let’s talk about your Goddess Vision! What is your Life Mission & what self-care practices will help … Continue reading Shaman Moon

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